Avestus : Hospitality Re-Defined!

Avestus Hospitality is a premium hotel and resort development company focused on developing the hospitality market segment in India. Its vision is “to be India’s premium hospitality real estate development company” by leveraging its real estate capabilities to build and own India’s largest chain of hospitality assets.

The objective is to develop, acquire, finance and actively manage world-class hospitality properties. The company is in the process of building hotels in cities and tourist destinations across India. These are being planned for the luxury, business, leisure and recreational segments of the hospitality industry. The multi-crore investment in the business structure world include diverse property tie-ups. These would be with the finest and comprehensive global operators to suit “individual property” and with some of the leading brand’s of hotels in the world.

From its strength the Group deploys a team of high caliber and talented professionals, committed to developing and delivering premium properties. Equipped with its expertise in real estate developments, advanced technology and an enormous land bank, the company focuses on delivering innovative property designs with precise execution skills.

The emphasis now is on strengthening its lateral and vertical business drivers. These include the development of innovative business strategies, the strengthening of professional resources and driving market penetration. Avestus Hospitality has a variety of projects that not just re-define the hospitality landscape but the very concept of luxury as well.

The Company’s growth and expansion strategy include:

  • Management Contracts for Mid-scale and Upscale Business Hotels, Resorts and Serviced Apartments.
  • Franchise of Mid-scale and Upscale Business Hotels, Resorts and Serviced Apartments.
  • Selective lease in strategically important locations from time to time

The hotels have a unique price positioning in the range of $50 - $70 for business hotels and $100 - $120 for upscale business hotels and resorts.

Management believes that lean operating structure, efficient product design and management operating experience have been the key to the out-performance of Avestus Hotels in the market. Going forward, the Company aims that achieving the same with the newly launched brand “Avestus Club”.